Whitestone Heights - FAQs

Is power available to all of Whitestone Heights?
The power line follows most of the main road down the Martin Canyon. In areas remote from the existing power lines electrical service must be carefully investigated with the local power company, Avista Corporation. If electrical service is desired in places where obtaining it from the existing grid is not economical, “off grid” solutions are a possibility.
Are there cable, satellite and Internet options in the area?
All internet and TV are via satellite only. Internet is either Hughes Net or Wild Blue. TV is either Dish or Direct. There is no cable available.
Are there water rights appurtenant to the land?
Are the owners of Whitestone Heights will to sell parcels of the property?
The owners are not willing to further subdivide and sell pieces of either of the two parcels offered for sale.
Does a purchaser face any problems in concluding a purchase due to the fact that the property is separate ownership?
No, the purchase and sale transaction should be seamless and present no difficulties to the purchaser. The two ownership groups have collaborated on establishing a means for and the terms on which Whitestone Heights will be sold.
Are the Whitestone owners willing to sell on terms?
The Hanson family that owns the ~160 front acres outright would be willing to discuss terms on the property. The back ~510 acres, because of the co-ownership on a portion of the land, may not be possible to purchase on terms.
What other amenities are available in the local town?
There is a wonderful nine-hole golf course, park and pool in the town of Wilbur.