Hanson Harbor Ranch - FAQs

Is power available to all of the property?
Power availability near the existing power lines is reasonably good. In the more remote areas and even some of the nearer sectors, electrical service must be carefully investigated with the local electrical provider, Avista Corporation. If electrical service is desired in places distant from the existing line, “off grid” solutions may be required.
Are there cable, satellite and/or Internet options available in the area?
All internet and TV are via satellite only. Internet is either Hughes Net or Wild Blue. TV is either Dish or Direct. There is no cable available.
Are water rights appurtenant to the land?
There are no appurtenant water rights. A purchaser must decide what its water demand might be and how it may be met.
What sources of water exist to satisfy a purchaser’s water needs?
The owner of Hanson Harbor Ranch has recently drilled one well on a segment of the ranch near to the existing Hanson Harbor subdivision. This well has not been developed or put to beneficial use. It is believed the well is capable of delivering water as an “exempt well” but a purchaser will have to investigate the legal and practical limits on its usability.
Is Hanson Harbor, Inc. willing to sell less than all of the Hanson Harbor Ranch?
Hanson Harbor, Inc. strongly prefers to sell the entirety of Hanson Harbor Ranch in one transaction and does not intend to subdivide and sell the ranch off in parcels. Under the right circumstances, it may consider making an exception for a purchaser who finds particular appeal in one or more of the large sectors of the ranch with unique features and who is willing to purchase the entire sector along lines identified by Hanson Harbor, Inc. and on terms acceptable to it. These sectors could range from a minimum size of about 125 acres and could range to about 500 acres or more.

Hanson Harbor, Inc. would like to discuss keeping a small parcel in the family ownership. The location, size and configuration of the parcel and the price reduction would then be discussed between Hanson Harbor, Inc. and the purchaser.
Is there a boat launch nearby?
There is a Lake Roosevelt National Park Service boat launch located at the end of Jones Road right next to the Hanson Harbor subdivision. For more information, visit the National Park Service web site.
Is there a boundary survey?
There is currently no boundary survey and one will not be provided by the owners.
What other amenities are available in the local town?
There is a wonderful nine-hole golf course, park and pool in the town of Wilbur.